Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Behold! What your coffee table looks like when you have young kids.

I realize that when you are a grown up, you are supposed to have fancy, mature things on your coffee table, such as a small vase of flowers, beautiful books, and perhaps a bowl of glass decorative balls or fake fruit. Also, when you are a grown up, your coffee table is technically not supposed to be from IKEA (apparently no longer online, but here is a similar one to ours).

None of the above listed qualifications take place in our home. Many of the surfaces in our home are clear of clutter (as is the way I like them), but for some reason, our coffee table gets a lot of practical use for storing things....small child things, in particular.

  •  We'll have a larger toy sit on top, so that the kiddos can easily play with it as they stand. Both kids love playing with this klip klop stable with self-moving "horsies" carrying various disney princesses.
  •  The coffee table has become our go-to place to store the kids shoes. It makes it so easy in the morning to grab them and go, and also just as easy to place them there once we take them off after climbing the stairs inside our entryway.

  • The kids love to color and draw, so we keep large pads of plain paper and sketch books here for them to pull out and use as they wish.

Maybe someday when I can have nice things in my home again, I'll actually get to set my coffee on my coffee table without fear of it getting thrown or knocked over...

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