Monday, July 21, 2014

"The Gift of Routine"

Ever since I discovered minimalist blogs and you tube channels, I've really found my soul mate as far as "love to read" and "idealism". I never knew I was a minimalist until I found stuff labeled "minimalist" that really resonated with me as a lifestyle choice and frame of mind, rather than just a design aesthetic.

Over the weekend, I Project 333-ed my wardrobe. I already had a not-too-overwhelming amount of clothes/shoes, but I really wanted to pare it down per the 333 challenge to my very favorite and most functional pieces. I remember in college I had so many clothes, especially t-shirts, stuffed into my drawers like sardines that I could never find anything I wanted to wear. Such is the paradox of a hoarder, lol. I still remember the feeling of lightness and relief I got after trashing all the t-shirts, even the "special" ones, after I was sick of all the piles of clothes. Letting it go felt better than frozen. Oh god, that was a lame joke.

Now to "the gift of routine" one of the blogs I was reading, there was a posting about how routine isn't necessarily a bad thing, and can actually bring you peace and allow you to focus on other things that matter most. My old self would normally not agree with routine, but to be honest, I've found some things that I do as part of a daily "routine" that really do make my life easier. I'll share them below:

  1. Have the same breakfast every morning (special K chocolate mocha protein shake, for the win)
  2. Put my makeup on the same way (wearing what works for me, and knowing that I like the way it looks)
  3. Clean my kitchen and disinfect surfaces in kitchen/dining area every single evening (when my kitchen is not clean when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I set myself up for failure....due to the never ending mess that toddlers bring)
  4. Go for an evening run each day (this is my "me" time, and it works best for my bod when built into a daily or every-other-day routine)
  5. Wash my face before bed with the 3 step burts bees skincare line that I've posted about before (same idea as cleaning your kitchen, but....not?)

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