Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our apartment got renovated!

We stayed at my parents house during the past 4 days because our apartment was going through a renovation. It is not completely finished yet, as they will be replacing our black appliances with new stainless steel appliances next week...but at least all the disheveled mess is gone and we no longer have to worry about the kids getting into chemicals or plaster...

Now, these finishes are of course not things that we chose by any means (hello renting!) but it was quite nice to get some upgrades. The only pain was they replaced all our doorknobs with sleek looking handle door knobs, so we had to remove ALL our baby proofing for actual "knobs", and now have to come up with alternative baby proofing solutions for those. I'd like to share a few photos of some shiny new items we have in our humble abode...
We now have a backsplash! Also...USB connections on some outlets. I suppose this means they are attempting to get somewhat high-tech here...but it's kind of annoying to be honest.
New granite counter tops (a black color, but it looks more brown in the photo due to the lighting),  faucet, and gigantic sink. I could seriously give the kids a bath in this thing.
What looks to be some track lighting in the kitchen and also in the dining area.
Also new granite counter tops, sink fixtures, etc. in the bathrooms.
Lighting in the bathrooms. I dig it...makes me feel like I'm living in a hotel (which is a good thing, for me).
Yay new stuff!

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