Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My running essentials.

I want to share with you my running essentials...items that I use while I run. Keep in mind I typically run 2-5 miles at a time, so no need for me to carry water bottles or energy gels. I just drink water before and after.

1. Running shoes - Asics has been my favorite brand of running shoe, and still is. I do try other kinds when I'm on the market for a new pair, but I always end up going with Asics.
2. SPI belt - SPI stands for small personal item, and this is sold at Academy, Amazon, and elsewhere. I love the original SPI brand, because it is really high quality, sleek, and can stretch to fit my phone, keys, and any other small items I need to carry on my person when I run.
3. Headphones - to go along with my iphone, which I use when I listen to music and track my run via Map My Run app.
4. Sunglasses - I like to wear my regular sunglasses (cheapies from Target) when I run.
5. House key and gate opener - I remove this from the rest of my keychain and keep it on me when I run. Most of the time I just run around our neighborhood, so I don't need to get in my car.
6. Headband - The best running headbands for me are by a brand called "Sweaty Bands". I got mine from Nordstrom (free shipping!), but the Sweaty Bands website has a gigantic selection.

Not pictured: iPhone, fit bit, and my running clothes (lululemon is my all time favorite workout brand).

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