Sunday, July 27, 2014

My biz casual project 333 wardrobe - documented.

Last weekend I did a massive clean out of my closet after I got minimalist-inspired by the project 333 blog/challenge. The rules are listed at that website, but basically the challenge is to only use 33 clothing items for 3 months and put all your others away in a box that you cannot access. This does not include lounge wear, clothes you wear to work out in, undies, and any sentimental pieces of jewelry that you wear every single day (i.e. wedding rings). Project 333 does include accessories, other jewelry, etc. The objective is to clear up space mentally, physically, and free up extra time as well...and to learn that you can indeed live with less.

I felt inspired to go out and find images online of the clothing that I currently own in my wardrobe and put it together in a layout to depict what my simplified wardrobe looks like. This is all my clothing, aside from lounge wear, undies, athletic clothes, and my super-nice business suit that I only wear for job interviews and presentations. Also, I want to rotate in/out jewelry pieces every 3 months, but I do own quite a lot of jewelry that I keep stored away when not in use.

Keep in mind that the majority of my life is spent wearing BUSINESS CASUAL. So this may look a little blah to some folks, but I work with what I can!

I say 3 months, but this is literally ALL the clothes I own aside from the above mentioned, so this is a year-round thing for me....
My clothing! Seeing it like this makes me think of different combos I haven't considered before...
1. gold layering necklace
2. turquoise statement necklace
3. violet sarong/scarf
4. vinyasa scarf
5. iridescent earrings
6. rose gold watch
7. silver/diamond watch
8. black blazer
9. white button up no-iron shirt
10. black and white stripe shirt
11. green blouse
12. turquoise/white print blouse
13. mustard cardigan
14. longchamp le pliage tote bag
15. black blouse
16. black long sleeve shirt
17. black pencil skirt
18. grey tank top
19. black cami
20. black ankle pants
21. black dress
22. blue wrap dress
23. tan shorts
24. denim shorts
25. black slacks
26. skinny jeans
27. black short boots
28. black pumps
29. tan strappy heels
30. leopard print ballet flats
31. nude point toe bow flats
32. denim jacket
33. skinny black belt (not pictured - sorry forgot about that one!) 
34. black birkenstock thong sandals (forgot those too! how could I? I wear those things everywhere when I'm not at work...)

....and done! Noticeably missing from my collection here is a winter coat. The one I had last year was from high school (so like 10 years old), therefore it was getting a little beat up. I intend to purchase a new winter coat this year. If I don't manage to find one that I love, I will be okay since I live in a hot climate and layering a hoodie and other jackets/scarves will work in the meantime.

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