Sunday, July 13, 2014

Family Rules

Roses on my dining table...
Our kids are getting to that age where they have a chance at comprehending a simple set of rules, so we decided to make a list of 3 "family rules". Why 3? Because research has shown that 3 is the magic number for digesting information and retaining it (something I learned from our consulting group at work). I have no expertise in early childhood education or the like, but I wanted to give our family three rules that weren't the "given" rules (like listen to mom and dad, love God, treat others as you would like to be treated, etc.). The three we chose we felt we all need reminding of, and aren't necessarily obvious or as constantly redundant or engrained as some of the others which I mentioned, but could serve as key take aways from what mom and dad taught them growing up.

Here are our 3 family rules:
1. Gentle hands and words
2. Be honest
3. Do what you need to do before doing what you want to do

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