Thursday, June 19, 2014

What have I been up to lately?

Cheers! My life is honestly not really that exciting...mainly just working, picking up kids, eating, and sleeping. However, I've had a few interesting things happening in the past couple of days....

First, I got to go to another MAC makeup party at my friend's freaking amazing new house that she got custom designed. Sadly, the trash goes out more than I do, but I always do enjoy an evening out with the ladies.

I got a new hot pink fitbit that I got from our benefits team at work for getting my blood drawn for the on-site health screening. No pain, no gain. Those things are quite pricey, so I was thrilled and surprised to get one. Anyway, now that I have this little friend, who is really like a useful tamagotchi, I have synched the fitbit in with MyFitnessPal, and all of it in with MapMyRun. I have a trinity of monitoring devices helping me keep it tight and keep it right, thank you very much.

Furthermore, I've been inspired at work recently. I'm the facilitator of our corporate internship program. At the first lunch and learn I organized, one of our CIOs (chief investment officer) took an hour of her very expensive time to come and speak with the interns and a few of us in HR. This lady is an investing genius, and manages billions upon billions of dollars...and you could tell by her presence and articulation that she is the boss. I always like to meet strong females in business.

And of course, my little softies have been so sweet. My daughter, who just turned 3, is my little mini-me, and I take that girl everywhere with me while the boys are napping or doing what they do. She enjoys to tag along on all the errands I go run, and even likes to eat what I like to eat (especially sushi and jamba juice). My son (18 months) is starting to increase his vocabulary a lot, and his little voice is so adorable. When he says things, he has a bit of an inquisitive inflection in his voice....for example, he'll grab my hair and say, "haaaair?" or pick up a toy horse and say, "hoooorseyy?"

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