Sunday, June 29, 2014

How I'm getting my small space organized...

Today I spent the day procuring containers and labels, and sorting out our pantry and spice/baking cabinets. The finished product is above....I think it turned out pretty well. There is a lot more room in my very narrow/tall pantry now, and everything is easily visible and sealed in an air-tight container.
Another area that I recently organized was our master bathroom. I have two counter top baskets in which I keep my "easy access needed", brushes, hair ties, bobby pins, and cotton balls. I use the medicine cabinet for all my skin care, nail polish, contacts, solution, dental stuff as well. I have my hairbrushes in the only drawer we have, and my blow dryer and straightener underneath the sink. The towels and washcloths are in a cabinet above our toilet. There is actually a lot of empty storage space in our bathroom, which is refreshing to me. Dan stores his stuff in the kids' bathroom, since he usually gets ready in there.
I have also organized my side of our closet. We have a pretty large walk-in closet, which I love. My shoes have their own set of shelves, and their own window. I have my socks, undies, and bras in plastic storage drawer bins, but everything else is hanging. I cannot stand folded clothes. They give me anxiety. My closet is split into two sections: my HR lady clothes (dresses, suits, slacks, blouses), and my mom clothes (lululemon, jeans, casual stuff). I know, I know....I need a "sexy date night" or "girls night" section, but sorry, that's not something I've got at the moment. Maybe when my kids are a bit older, and can spend the night away from mommy and daddy every once in awhile, I'll get a few of those items.
And finally, our living area is also organized (or at least has the capability to look organized if all the toys are placed into these white cubes). Everything we put in here has to serve a functional purpose. We have very few items that are for pure decoration. That is both our own minimalist desire as well as necessity from living in a small space. These storage cubes from IKEA are our best friend at the moment. They serve as what looks like an entertainment console, but hold ALL of our kids' toys and most of their books. Any overflow gets put into the kids' closet, as we like to rotate toys out.

If you are looking to get your stuff organized, here are some things that I've found to be personally helpful:

1. Focus on one area at a time. Organize your most-used area first, and then move on down the list.
2. The best way to be organized is to have less stuff. Get rid of crap you don't use. Only keep your favorite of any "multiples" you have.
3. Containers are key. It's kind of hard to organize stuff if you don't have a designated place to keep it, separate from other stuff.

Friday, June 27, 2014

My High Maintenance Ways.

After finally running out of the Clarins face wash samples given to me by my mom, I knew that I wanted to continue on with the cleanser+toner+moisturizer trinity of face wash products, because that is the magic combo that makes your skin look delicious. However, I did not want to spend a lot of money on department store face wash, while at the same time, did not want to slather paraben-infested stuff (ahem- Aveeno, what I've used for many years) all over my face....

I found this Burt's Bees set of face wash products at HEB, so I bought all three (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer). It was a bit more pricey than you'd normally spend at a place like HEB, but not as expensive as the Clarins stuff that I just ran out of....

After using this stuff for a few days now, my skin looks the best that it has in a really long time! The sunflower extract or whatever they put in there (or maybe what they don't put in there...multitudes of chemicals) certainly does the trick. I've found that washing my face at night is actually more fun now than applying makeup in the morning (which I tend to enjoy a bit, to be honest).

Anyway, nothing earth-shattering here, but I've been excited to find the perfect face wash.....

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend play time.

Weekends are fabulous. I still don't get to sleep in (thanks to my kids still waking up at the crack of dawn), but at least I don't have to commute into work. I get to spend quality time with my hubby hubby and kids. In fact, my son is sitting next to me eating pieces of cut up nectarine as I write this post today.

One of my favorite things about weekends is getting to dress comfortably. Not that my work clothes aren't comfortable enough, but honestly, you can only get so comfortable in heels and a suit jacket. My go to weekend clothes are my lululemon pieces. This lululemon dress (pictured above) is my favorite dress in the universe. I can wear it with a jacket and heels to work, or wear it like this for park time.

Our weekends are pretty laid back...most Saturday mornings, my parents spend a few hours with the kids while my husband and I go out and about and then grab a bite to eat on a "lunch date" together. Sometimes we'll see other friends or family. Sometimes we'll have a party to go to (but not if the kids get last-minute sick). We always go for walks and spend time at the playground. During my son's naptime, I take my daughter with me to run errands while the boys sleep. There is generally at least one meal out at someplace kid-friendly.

We like to do our big HEB haul on get stocked up for the week with basics (milk, yogurt, fruit, my protein shakes, etc.). Happy weekend, yall.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What have I been up to lately?

Cheers! My life is honestly not really that exciting...mainly just working, picking up kids, eating, and sleeping. However, I've had a few interesting things happening in the past couple of days....

First, I got to go to another MAC makeup party at my friend's freaking amazing new house that she got custom designed. Sadly, the trash goes out more than I do, but I always do enjoy an evening out with the ladies.

I got a new hot pink fitbit that I got from our benefits team at work for getting my blood drawn for the on-site health screening. No pain, no gain. Those things are quite pricey, so I was thrilled and surprised to get one. Anyway, now that I have this little friend, who is really like a useful tamagotchi, I have synched the fitbit in with MyFitnessPal, and all of it in with MapMyRun. I have a trinity of monitoring devices helping me keep it tight and keep it right, thank you very much.

Furthermore, I've been inspired at work recently. I'm the facilitator of our corporate internship program. At the first lunch and learn I organized, one of our CIOs (chief investment officer) took an hour of her very expensive time to come and speak with the interns and a few of us in HR. This lady is an investing genius, and manages billions upon billions of dollars...and you could tell by her presence and articulation that she is the boss. I always like to meet strong females in business.

And of course, my little softies have been so sweet. My daughter, who just turned 3, is my little mini-me, and I take that girl everywhere with me while the boys are napping or doing what they do. She enjoys to tag along on all the errands I go run, and even likes to eat what I like to eat (especially sushi and jamba juice). My son (18 months) is starting to increase his vocabulary a lot, and his little voice is so adorable. When he says things, he has a bit of an inquisitive inflection in his voice....for example, he'll grab my hair and say, "haaaair?" or pick up a toy horse and say, "hoooorseyy?"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

ice skating is her thing now!

My daughter has always been highly interested in and passionate about ice skating...her favorite figure skaters are Yuna Kim and Yulia Lipnitskaya. When she turned three a few days ago, we knew exactly what we'd do to celebrate, as she is now "of age" to be able to do so: ice skating!

A three year old ice skating sounded like a hit or miss could have ended up being an epic fail, or she could have ended up enjoying it. We weren't sure what would happen, but as it turns out, she took to it quite easily, and absolutely loved every second. At first, my husband just held onto her hands while he skated them both around the rink, but by the end of the session, she was pushing herself was adorable. My son and I watched and took pictures...and threw a fit and ate cheerios. You know, the usual.

Anyhow, we've decided to sign her up for lessons. When our daughter was born, my husband thought for sure the first thing we'd sign her up for would be kung fu or some other martial art....but newsflash, yall: kids have minds and interests of their own, which you can't predict. Our girl loves ice skating now, so that's what she gets to do.