Sunday, May 11, 2014

The freaking house saga continues! (And we had the last laugh.)

Apparently the sellers of the house we were in contract with are having a hard time selling their house now...with any offers they get, they are legally obligated to disclose the issues with the house, and everyone has been backing out. No one will pay that price for a house that has a decrepit plumbing/HVAC infrastructure. Our realtor let us know that he's had several realtors of interested buyers call him to ask what happened, and he has let them all know why we backed out...

Long-winded way of saying, now the sellers have come back to us and told us they'd make all the repairs we requested (almost 20K worth), at the price we had originally agreed on.

My husband and I knew this would happen to them, and it's unfortunate that these folks were unable to do simple math in their heads. And, unfortunately for them, we have already mentally moved on from that house, so we will pass on the deal we wanted originally. It's a lesson in burning bridges, yall. It's a mental game, and when the opposite party has vacated the proverbial premises, there is not much you can do.

With that, we've decided where we want to build a life and raise our the city! We are excited, and still have several months before our lease in the burbs is up to research where we want to live, what daycare/school the kids will go to, etc. but I am excited about moving into the city and living the life I always envisioned for us, now that we're finally able to live comfortably in the city. We came so close to settling down in the suburbs, but I feel like it was all meant to be.

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