Saturday, May 3, 2014

Purging clutter and shoe shopping are the best therapy.

Everyone needs a summer wedge. Cheap thrills from Target.
Rearranging furniture post-clutter purge yields unexpected results...looks like an entertainment center, but it's really just a bunch of toys, y'all.
 Today my husband and I were talking about body types (no idea why), but I told him I thought I was pear-shaped. Then he said, "You're not pear-shaped. You're actually pretty standard." my body type is "pretty standard". I was entertained by that for a good five minutes today. We did a motherload of purging stuff - an entire van-full of $h!t went to the Goodwill donation center. The play house and basketball hoop that were previously in our living room went to my parents' back yard (yes, I know, what the eff was I thinking bringing those to an apartment?) I truly think my husband and I (especially me), are minimalists at heart.

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