Friday, May 16, 2014

Leaving our church...

We've been going to a large church in the city (not THE largest, but I'm talking multi-campus large) since my daughter was an infant. They have a great cry room for when you don't want to leave your nursing baby yet, and when you do, they have a really awesome kids program. This particular church has had some beliefs/views that my husband and I haven't necessarily agreed with, but have tolerated with the understanding that a church is not perfect, because people in general aren't perfect (including us). There have only been two sermons there where I thought for sure that at least 30% of the congregation was being alienated by comments made by the pastor. But we've let it go, because we are all entitled to our opinions. However, the last straw for us was when the pastor of the church (huge church, by the way) sent out a personal email message to everyone, a call to action if you will, that was so beyond bigoted that I was like, "oh hell no he didn't...." I just don't want to form relationships with people who are of that belief, and I feel that most of those folks truly are thinking those things, but maybe aren't as stupid to open their mouths and say it out loud. Anyway, bye bye our church. Not sure what kind of church we need to go to, but I just can't with that crap.

Which brings me to another thought I've had recently. Don't you hate it when you really like someone, have a good time with them, etc., and then eventually you find out that they are of a racist, homophobic, or other sort of mentality? As I get older (and more removed from growing up in an area rich with those views), it gets increasingly difficult for me to ignore those things about someone. Like, you may have a great personality, be very intelligent, and have the best intentions in life.....but if you are a backwoods bigot deep inside your mind, isn't that who you really are? I try to think it's just a part of someone, and not the whole. However, again, that gets more difficult for me to separate out as I get older.

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