Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lost 11 lbs so far...

 For the past two months, I've been using My Fitness Pal, an app for my iPhone. I didn't have a serious amount of weight to lose, but 20 lbs is no small feat - the app has really helped me so far with taking care of those extra #s through giving me a realistic picture of what I'm eating vs. what I should be eating.

I'm still about 9 lbs away from my goal weight, which is what I weighed in high school and college (and when I had morning sickness while pregnant with my second baby, lawlz). I'm lucky to have never been "overweight", but sometime in the past year between finishing up grad school, starting a new job, having two kids under 2 years old, and moving, I started eating more crap food and drinking way way way way way way way too many iced lattes out of lack of time and energy . Which made me gain about 15 lbs from where I was at this time last year. Which put me 20 lbs over the weight where I feel my best. Life happens, what can you say?

So now I'm down 11 lbs! I'm feeling much better, and my work clothes starting to either get loose or fit comfortably again. I do my best to run 3 or 4 times a week, which I track in My Fitness Pal and the Map My Run app as well. I used to have a glass of wine every other night or so, but I haven't had any since I started this weight loss attempt. I have a feeling the last 9 pounds will be difficult to get off, simply because I've discovered that I have a persistent craving for Casa Magnifica seasoned tortilla chips from HEB and Ana's salsa, and that's pretty much all I want to eat for dinner every day...

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