Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best. Weekend. Ever. (A follow up to our home search)

This weekend is Easter weekend, which is where folks in my religion celebrate new beginnings, starting with the resurrection of Jesus.

In the spirit of new beginnings, this weekend was a really excellent one. Some fantastic things happened in my personal life this weekend. On Thursday, the seller of the house we put an offer on (the fifth offer, as anyone knows who has followed our ongoing house search saga) decided, like every other seller in this crack-insane market, to launch all offers on the house (three others) into a bidding war. Dan called me after our realtor called him to let him know what was up, and I decided to lobby us into an attempt to CLOSE THIS DEAL. So we bid a quite significant amount over asking price. Next morning, our realtor texted Dan: "You got it!"

SWEET VICTORY. Even though we put our money where our mouth was this time, I still feel that we got a steal with that house. And it's still way way under our budget. I wanted to laugh maniacally after receiving that text.

Our house in under contract now, so we still have some things to get through before we literally CLOSE the deal. But at least those folks are locked in with us now. It ain't over till it's over.

While the business with our house was a high point of the weekend, a few other great things have happened in the past few days:
1. Our daughter's pnemonia is now completely cleared up
2. Our son's blocked tear duct that he's had his entire life is miraculously starting to look completely fine all of a sudden, so we may cancel his surgery (or at least postpone).
3. We got some long overdue family photos done by my dad.
4. I ate the most delicious dish I've ever experienced and it was something that Dan ordered but shared with me after I had intense food envy: lemongrass scallop salad from a local Thai restaurant.
5. I got compliments on my presentation style by two of my managers at work after one of the public speaking consultants who trained me sneaked in and sat in on a 4 hour long presentation my co-worker and I were giving.

It's much easier to document life when it's going well, but I won't forget how hard it was to get to these good points. Happy Easter.

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